11 Gastprofessur Winy Maas / The ? Factory lehre

In today’s cities and buildings, we see a growing invasion of ambient technologies. We got used to light turning on when we enter a room, traffic lights adapting during rush hour and autopilots steering jumbo jets. Even the smart fridge that orders food and turns on the oven while suggesting dinner receipts to you became reality and is being launched later this year.

In this studio, we want to explore the interaction between a constantly changing, adapting city and it’s users. If your wall can change into a bed, a window, a bathroom – how do you tell your wall what you want? If the city can adapt to different needs of social interaction or quiet privacy, how does it ask the citizens what they want? How dynamic can the city react if different users have different desires? What images can we expect from a city, which is constantly re-made, re-build by it’s users?

ETH Zürich HS 2012
Tutors: Prof. Winy Maas, Ulf Hackauf, Adrien Ravon, Stefan Wülser
Collaborators: Knut Brunier, Benjamin Dillenburger, Joris Fach, Manuel Kretzer, Felix Madrazo
Book publication: Barba